sharing is caring: #47


Already a month into the new year and a mix of inspirational and disturbing of the week.

1. An uplifting summary of John Bogle’s Philosophy in life and work. The most  impressive part about his story is that he could have gained so much, in the tune of billions, yet he was happy with $80M.

2. Julie Wainwright’s quote about child-hood resonated the most with me. Oh, and she’s bringing technology to the second hand luxury market too!

Here’s the good news about having tragedy as a kid. Little stuff can really bug you, but big stuff can roll off your back.

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how’s your email situation?


I’ve been slowly unsubscribing to a lot of newsletters and promotional emails to address my email situation. My inbox is currently housing about 15,000 unread emails and I’m trying to get to the bottom of it.

For the longest time, I felt that I was in control of my inbox, even if it was overstuffed and overflowing with emails calling for my attention. I can decide what to open, hence, I was in control. Wrong.Read More »