2018: tv reviews


I watch a lot of TV. Some think it’s odd because I also read just as much. Often times,  I forget what I saw, so in an attempt to document my life and reflect, I compiled and ranked noteworthy shows of 2018.

TV Shows

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Black Mirror S4 – 4 / 5
I need to be mentally prepared to watch and process this show, preventing me to binge-watch. However, it makes me think twice about how technology is impacting our daily lives and what I need to look out for when I make mindless decisions about technology. The show does a good job of making us see our own reflection in the mirror, hence the name, Black Mirror!Read More »

2018: movie reviews

For the first time in my life, I documented and reviewed all the movies I watched throughout the year.

I tweaked and changed the format throughout the year and I’m quite happy with this format and result. The fifteen movies below are rank ordered, starting from the ones that I enjoyed the most, to my least favorite.

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The Spy Gone North – 4.5 / 5
Hands down, one of my favorite Korean movie of this year. The acting, the action, and the storyline kept me thinking and interested throughout the two hour movie. I still can’t believe that this was based on true story! I wonder how many spies or double agents are crossing the border every single day, in hopes of helping each other out.Read More »

2018 : tv shows, half year check-in

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a TV junkie. And below are some shows that I spent endless hours watching.

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Madame Maisel (Season 1)

What a great show! I binge-watched the first season and can’t wait for the second season! It’s such a feel-good, women-empowerment, witty, and enjoyable show that I can’t stop raving about it.

But if I had to put on a tv critic hat is that the characters are a bit too cliche and stereotypical. And perhaps that’s what makes the show easy to watch, but hope that they add dimensions in upcoming seasons. Read More »