corporate pet peeve : scheduling


It’s been a year since I went back to the corporate grind and these little things are starting to bother me again. Below are a short list of pet-peeves around meeting scheduling.

I get especially annoyed when:

1. Someone schedules an important meeting on your calendar when you are clearly booked.

2. The organizer schedules an obnoxiously long meeting without an agenda or a descriptive meeting invite name, leaving you to wonder whether or not you need to accept the meeting, and/or if you need to prepare for a meeting.Read More »

failed attempts of 2018


Reading Mistakes I Made at Work made me realize that it’s a pretty good idea to start documenting some of my failed attempts, both personal and professional.

I don’t have to just celebrate the wins, I think the failures also deserve some time and reflection to improve. So, here are some of my failed attempts of this year.

1. Bullet Journaling
I was mesmerized by all the wonderful daily / weekly / monthly “spreads” of the bullet journaling community that I desperately wanted to be part of that crew.

I bought all sorts of tools (various pens of different sizes and brands) as well as a lot of Leuchtturm1917 notebooks to jumpstart my bullet journaling. I practiced my handwriting and saw a tiny bit of improvement.

There are days when I make check-lists and some when I just doodle in my notebook, but this isn’t for me.Read More »

novels that i actually finish reading (in recent memory)

laetitia-buscaylet-299890-unsplashUnless I’m engrossed by the novel — like neglect to do anything else other than finish reading type of engrossment — I often cannot finish it.

Everything was going right this summer, expect finishing lighthearted summer read. To remedy this, I spent over an hour browsing the fiction section until I spotted a gem in the rough, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

As I was reading it, it dawned upon me that most books that I enjoy are either centered around quirky and socially inept characters or has surreal plots that takes over my entire mind until I see how it ends.

To see if it’s true, I’m going to list novels that I enjoyed during the last decade and half. Read More »

why done is better than perfect

Done is better than perfect

Did you ever suffer from research overload? Or analysis paralysis? I certainly did!

Whenever I need to make a decision or do something new for my small business, I read everything that I can get my hands on to make an informed decision.

This conservative approach felt like the right thing to do, however, it wasn’t the most effective methodology.

I suffered from massive analysis paralysis. Instead of tackling the task heads on and being okay with starting small, I wasn’t able to make a decision and kept delaying action on the task that needed to be done.Read More »