sharing is caring: writing edition


Writing is one of those someday dreams of mine. But you can only dream so long before you get sick of all the sugary, fluffy thoughts that you have without any substance.

This blog was the first step I took to understand what I gravitated towards. My “sharing is caring” series is my way of collecting data about my interests over time.

Below are some articles that I find engaging and beneficial when it comes to writing.

1. Avoiding common “ever-green” writing topics, such as how to overcome writer’s block, how to self edit, etc, can be a time saving activity.

2. Amazon self-publishing is the way to go for prolific writers, who are looking to publish their own work and market to potential readers on their own terms.Read More »

sharing is caring: #42


Trying to catch up on all the reads that are bookmarked before I go on vacation this year. There’s something about the year ending and starting the new year that makes these posts a bit more urgent and time-sensitive.

1. Appalled to see how much digital strategist / influencer makes on a weekly basis.

2. Long story about hidden e-commerce network with an unsatisfying ending. Maybe this is why white collar criminals are rampant with their schemes – the consequences of their actions is nothing compared to the potential gains.Read More »

sharing is caring: #41


Organizing and compiling interesting reads after a while is challenging. Glad that I emailed myself initial thoughts to make this exercise at least a bit easier.

With that said, interesting reads since my last post.

1. An interesting history of Bruegel’s paintings — who covered up the  gruesome images of the dead and why? Would I have enjoyed Bruegel as much as I did if I saw the original painting?

2. Finally, some influencers are challenging unrealistic beauty standards of Korea. However, I fear that the impact will be temporary.Read More »