top 5 inspirational female creative entrepreneurs to follow right now


I stumble upon a lot of talented and amazing creative entrepreneurs and wanted to share. These creative geniuses shared their creativity online, garnered a huge following and eventually monetized their passions in unique ways.

Megan became a creative director, Laura and her daughter, Joey got a book deal, Megan Hess sells her prints online, and Joy wrote books, collaborated with major brands and operates her own e-commerce store.

If you are looking for girlboss inspiration, check out them below!

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questions to have in your back pocket when interviewing


One of the things listed in my “some day” bucket list is interviewing people that I respect and want to learn from.

To make that a reality, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how podcasters interview their guests. I’m slowly learning that asking smart and engaging questions is half the battle.

Of course, research into the subject critical, but there is certainly value in compiling interesting and insightful questions that I can use for future interviews.

Below are list of questions that I would love to ask to my future interview subjects. This isn’t by all means a complete list and I’ll continue to add to the list.Read More »

top 5 lifestyle blogs that deserve your bookmarks


Over the years, I found that reading lifestyle blog enjoyable and somewhat necessary. The blogs that I read do a great job of informing me in a delightful way while also nudging me in a friendly way, somewhat like an older sister that I’ve never had.

Below are some my favorite lifestyle blogs that I deserved to be bookmarked or memorized!

A Cup of Jo – Joanna’s blog is on everybody’s list for a reason. I love her gentle yet informative writing, love the clean layout and the comment section is a gem! The only complaint is that I wish that Joanna and her team update the blog more frequently.¬†Read More »

newsletter experiment to be better informed and productive this year


After writing a post on top 5 self-improvement blogs, I wanted to write a post about interesting newsletters. As I started writing the post, I realized that I only read three out of the dozens of newsletters that I’m subscribed to and the list needed an update.

I started googling for newsletters and stumbled upon various lists of newsletters and decided to conduct an experiment. I’m going to subscribe to ten newsletters and going to keep track of my behavior, such as when I receive it, if I open it, if I read it and was it useful to decide which newsletters on top 5 newsletters to subscribe to.Read More »

top 5 original self-improvement blogs worth your time


I have a love-hate relationship with self-improvement books. I spent majority of my twenties reading them, hoping to experience a better tomorrow. They were an instant pick-me up. I felt energized and hopeful while reading them, despite the fact that they were a little fuzzy on the details.

In other words, they were my crutch to help me get through insecure, confused, and lost days. Now, in my thirties, I’m more selective with self-improvement books. I’m no longer dazzled by authors that make wild and bold empty promises through “self-affirmation” and “hopeful” methodologies.

Instead, I’m attracted to essayists, thought-leaders, writers and bloggers who are pragmatic and helpful. They are more relatable and provide me a sense of relief to read that I’m not the only one struggling with life.Read More »