why done is better than perfect

Done is better than perfect

Did you ever suffer from research overload? Or analysis paralysis? I certainly did!

Whenever I need to make a decision or do something new for my small business, I read everything that I can get my hands on to make an informed decision.

This conservative approach felt like the right thing to do, however, it wasn’t the most effective methodology.

I suffered from massive analysis paralysis. Instead of tackling the task heads on and being okay with starting small, I wasn’t able to make a decision and kept delaying action on the task that needed to be done.Read More »

how I reduced wasting time on my phone


I have a confession. Instagram and Youtube are hindering my productivity.

Once I open these apps, I go down a rabbit hole, wasting hours and hours just consuming pretty pictures and/or funny videos.

I didn’t think it was an issue until recently, when I did some basic math to calculate that I spend about an hour to two hours on these apps, daily!

Even a conservative estimate meant that I spent 365 hours a year on these picture and video apps. In my defense, looking at pretty pictures makes me feel good and Youtube helps me keep up with current events, but who am I kidding?Read More »

why small wins are important to get things done


Tim Herrera’s Smart Living newsletter re-introduced the idea of “micro-progress” and I started thinking more about the concept and how I can apply this in everyday life.

My favorite expansion of this concept is in this post by James Clear. In it, he uses Newton’s laws of motion as analogies for productivity. To wit, rule No. 1: “Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Find a way to get started in less than two minutes.”

Last summer, I discovered bullet journals and have been trying to write down active to-do lists to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything.  I wish that I can say, bullet journaling changed my life, but change doesn’t come that easily.Read More »