sharing is caring: #78


1. Inspired to reread The Philosophy of Andy Warhol after reading this article.

2. Based on Sweden’s experience, lockdown is the only effective way to reduce Covid-19’s death toll until the vaccines are available.

3.#Vanlife is another thing that used to be on my bucket list, but realizing that it probably won’t happen. This is what happens as you age. You become more realistic and the what if’s and bottomless fantasies, hopes and dreams are slowly replaced by obligations and responsibilities.

4. This [micro-aggression and subtle racism] is the reason why our family can’t move to a remote town in the middle of nowhere.

5. The hardest part of writing, or anything, is showing up. Need to get in the habit of writing at least 30 min a day.

6. Is this pandemic destroying my ambition as well? This pandemic coincides with many other life changing events that it’s hard to tell. Wonder what I’ll say in 20 years from now.

7. An interesting and probably correct perspective of why rich people are so mean.

The Spanish word aislar means both “to insulate” and “to isolate,” which is what most of us do when we get more money. We buy a car so we can stop taking the bus. We move out of the apartment with all those noisy neighbors into a house behind a wall. We stay in expensive, quiet hotels rather than the funky guest houses we used to frequent. We use money to insulate ourselves from the risk, noise, inconvenience. But the insulation comes at the price of isolation. Our comfort requires that we cut ourselves off from chance encounters, new music, unfamiliar laughter, fresh air, and random interaction with strangers. Researchers have concluded again and again that the single most reliable predictor of happiness is feeling embedded in a community.

Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash


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