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1. Reading this piece helped me to process the pandemic by attaching words to the whirdwind of emotions and void that I’ve been feeling

But recognition of one’s own good fortune does not keep loneliness at bay…I felt lackadaisical and hazy…in an instant, the people we were casually dating—many of whom we had already deemed incompatible, and no doubt vice versa—were the people we were stuck with.

I had never felt so much a part of history before, nor understood so acutely how little there was to separate us from the men and women of the past, how we had always just been people.

The days continued to pass, and it became increasingly difficult to distinguish between them. Friends would call, and we couldn’t remember whether we had spoken two hours or two weeks ago. The virus colored everything, giving birth to alien emotions, blurring boundaries between the real and the imagined.

I have been alone for over a month as I write this. One by one, all my future plans have been canceled, and it has come to seem of little consequence whether I will be quarantined through May or November or the following May.

Every day I talk to friends across the country and the globe, collecting their own tales of quarantine—the virus has invaded human life the way it does the human body, it seems, latching on and wreaking havoc.

2. Sad to see J.Crew, my go-to brand since college, slowly dying in the world of fashion. Happy to see Patagonia walk the talk and will continue to support the brand.Read More »