sharing is caring: #76


1. Interesting list of professions. “Personal Data Broker,” “Personal Memory Curator,” “Data Trash Engineer,””Algorithm Bias Auditor,” “Head of Machine Personality Design,” and “Chief Purpose Planner” piqued my interest.

2. Drinking water may be overrated but it’s much needed during pregnancy.

3. Agreed that complaining is how we communicate and build bonds. I just need to ensure that it’s not about the same thing all the time and that I also have a productive outlet with actionable resolutions.

4. Gig economy impacting all sectors of society — but is it sustainable to work in such state when all benefits are tied to companies?

5. Sad turn of events — even the princess Meagan Markle cannot steer away from racism.

6. Maybe I should consider data product management role in the travel industry down the road.

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash