2019: movie reviews


Parasite – 5/5
The best movie of the year for me. So many unexpected twists and turns. What I thought was going to be a low key movie about a poor family infiltrating a rich family to earn a living turned out to be a strange tragedy in the end. So glad that I went to the theaters to enjoy it!

The Green Book – 4.5/5
Sadness and hope packaged into one! What a fascinating true story and great to see that the two were friends for life.

The Upside – 4.5/5
Another true story turned into a hit movie! Despite the sad premise, loved the dialogue, witty scenes sprinkled with raw moments of truth. Made our weekend movie night tradition a pleasure!

The Commuter – 4/5
Watching a Liam Neeson movie is equivalent of getting Starbucks. It’s reliable and enjoyable. Yes, it’s very mainstream and but mindless crime mysteries are a great way to infuse excitement in my ordinary life.

Deadpool – 4/5
Action packed movie with hilarious dialogue. Perfect movie to pass the time while flying during the holiday season.

Saint Judy – 4/5
True story of a an immigration attorney who changed the US law to provide asylum status to women who are marginalized in their country. Strong female lead. True Story. Impeccable acting. What else can I ask for?

Law Abiding Citizen – 4/5
The good fight between the DA who’s obsessed with his conviction rate and a victim, who turned out to be a crime mastermind who lost his family at the beginning of the movie. The pace and execution was superb and sorry that I’m about ten years late to the movie!

Where you’d go, Bernadette – 4/5
The book was a page turner and the movie was a tear jerker. I couldn’t recall every detail of the book, but I liked how the movie portrayed artist’s life adjusting to society when she was really meant to create.

Shaft – 3.75/5
An exciting action comedy movie peppered with cute family and romantic moments and hilarious dialogue. Loved the twists and turns, and of course Samuel Jackson!

Instant Family – 3.75/5
A tearjerker with just the right amount of funny dialogue and situations to make the movie enjoyable. Made me re-think what it means to be a family and definitely made my flight seem shorter.

Focus – 3.75/5
Watching con-man scheme unfold in the big screen makes me feel like I’m learning something new. Probably nothing that I can use, but it’s fun fantasizing that this information will be useful for me at some point. Also, forgot how great Will Smith is!

Default – 3.75/5
Three IMF stories and the twist was that two main characters were related. Movies like this makes me distrust the Korean government even more, but I guess that’s what the movie was trying to do.

The Hummingbird Project – 3.75/5
Depicting two cousins trying to win Wall St by building a fiber optic cable from Kanas to New Jersey was an ambitious, however, between the character development and focus on the subcontractors, the main message of the movie was lost during the two hours.

The Bad Guys : Reign of Chaos – 3.75/5
Loved the drama, liked the movie. Korea’s favorite topic of corruption coupled with action packed movies is always a great combination — but at times, I wonder if Korean movie is possible without tones of government corruption.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? – 3.5/5
Lee Israel was a difficult character to fall in love with. She was miserable and her decision to create fake letters seemed stretched, but this is a true story, so I guess humans are difficult.

Exit – 3/5
A Korean chick-flick that was enjoyable while watching but easily forgettable.

Hustlers – 3.5/5
The hype, timeliness of the movie (girl power!), and the cast raised my expectation too high and the execution fell too short. Decent distraction during my flight but certainly wasn’t something that I’d want to pay for at the theaters.

Isn’t it Romantic – 3/5
An interesting take on the dying rom-com genre but the it went a bit overboard with the overly sweet rom-com references in hopes of mocking it. Overall, the movie was too pink and predictable.

Mary Poppins – 3/5
Something about musicals and cartoons and fantasy combined in one movie made it hard for me to focus. However, it was good background movie as I was catching up on the news.

Widows – 2/5
Had high hopes for this movie – focused on females and Liam Neeson. But the storyline was downright confusing, paced oddly and ended with too many loose ends. Very unsatisfactory.

Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

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