sharing is caring: #73


1. I know that I need to invest more time for my second career but I’ve failed to practice writing— need to put those ideas on to paper before the year is over.

2. Agreed that dinner is just another way to get together with friends — not a formal event to “host” and “entertain” guests.

3. Disappointing to hear that Sunday Riley wrote fake reviews on Sephora to grow sales.

4. Is the world becoming a giant collection of conglomerates that get bigger and bigger as they swallow up smaller firms? To be fair, I wasn’t an independent hotel patron but just hearing about this is saddening.

5. I wonder if and how my political activism — or a least paying attention to local politics and policy improve as I become a mom in the coming months. And totally agree with the slogan, parenting is not a mom’s burden and dad’s hobby.

6. Didn’t realize that sunlight can be a luxury for some first generation immigrants.

7. Reminder that our food supply is more interconnected, since the beginning of food trade.

Photo by Skyla Design on Unsplash


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