sharing is caring: #72


1. I was an idiot thinking that paying in dollars when I travelled abroad was saving money. Good thing that I know now that it’s best to pay in local currency, even if merchants try to convince you otherwise.

2.Good reminder that I work hard to have choices in life, and I need to actively try hard not to fall into the “keeping up with the Jones” trap.

3. Interesting housing alternatives for the elderly and those in need.

4. Pork reserve! Perhaps this is the only way for the Chinese government to stabilize the economy and therefore, control its people.

5. Sometimes, we need to suspend our beliefs about what is “average” and just look at the individual.

6.Now that I’ll be a mom soon, stories of mothers banding together to save breast milk during power outage is really inspiring.

7. Didn’t know that trading art among artists is a thing.

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