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1. More Asian representation in Hollywood, especially in comedy during the past few years is amazing, but will it ever eliminate stereotypes?

This inclusiveness, however, has its own limitations: Asian-American men in entertainment remain largely confined to the realm of comedy, which has always been Hollywood’s unofficial back door for marginalized performers.

Humor remains one of the few ways one can reclaim one’s humanity as a performer, to take the worst that can be said and turn it on its head.

We laugh at ourselves because we hope that the other person will understand, but also because there’s no way to speak to the anger and sadness and rage that is there and will always be there. We laugh in order to let it go.

2. On the surface, Meghan Markle is a modern day Cinderella, but I’m inspired by how she’s using her influence for good.

3. Am I becoming “why do I need venmo years old?

4. It angers me that we don’t have enough federal funding to find justice for these sexually abused children.

5. Mixed about this perspective. There is no way to make up for the difference in income for the first twenty years of different majors careers, but nice to know that everybody catches up at some point in their lives.

6. I feel ridiculous to tip for an overpriced coffee but when I’m out with coworkers or friends, I can’t help but to tip begrudgingly.

7. Note to self: delete Google’s history.

Photo by rocknwool on Unsplash