sharing is caring: #69


1. Unexpected manifestation of discrimination that is both disappointing and shocking. I cannot imagine what these parents go through when they are wrongly accused of child abuse, simply because of their skin color and zip code.

2. I disagree that digital age is making us more petty — it’s just empowering the petty folks because not everybody is that precise using Venmo.

3. Should I whiten my resume? Or perhaps change my name? Who would I be instead?

4. I’m a proud card carrying member of the late tech adopter club and this is why you should join too!

5. Online dating enlarged someone’s world view and it can help you too!

6. Didn’t know that wearing heels was mandatory, not optional in Japan. Glad to hear that Japanese women are fighting back with the #KuToo movement.

Societal expectations have created a Catch-22 for Japanese women, often forcing them to choose between being a caretaker at home and having a job.

“The tax system, insurance system, pension system etc. are designed for women to marry and for their husbands to earn a family wage. The systems are not designed for women to remain single, or be economically independent. As the marriage rate is decreasing rapidly, this is a huge issue for women.”

Japan is not the only country that has issues with dress codes that target women. British Columbia and the Philippines passed laws banning companies from forcing women to wear high heels in 2017.

7. Surprised that charisma is a learned behavior!

The truth is that charisma is a learned behavior, a skill to be developed in much the same way that we learned to walk or practice vocabulary when studying a new language.

Aside from being humorous and engaging, charismatic people are able to block out distractions, leaving those who interact with them feeling as if time had stopped and they were all that mattered.

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

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