thoughts: july ’19


Self reflection / reminder

Most important things in life, like taxes, property tax, court filings, etc do not have a tight deadline. Instead, you are given the illusion that you have time to take care of this.

I’ve learned that it’s best to take care of them earlier than later, for there may be unexpected complications.

For instance, I forgot to pay my property tax that’s due on the first and paid it a day late, simply because it slipped my mind.

I also forgot to send my itinerary to the municipal court, where I’m asked to appear because it seemed so long away.

I’m scrambling to get those done before I leave for Korea, but something that I should try to be more mindful of as I fake #adulting until I make it. 


It’s the small incremental steps that have big rewards at the end. Such as masking daily , taking vitamins daily, incorporating healthy food for breakfast, etc.

And somehow it needs to be a seamless addition to current routine or it won’t last. For instance, I’m quite impressed at myself for bringing coffee to work for the past two years. It wasn’t an easy transition at first, but with time, it made sense and now I’m a proud coffee saver.

One thing I’m bad at is incorporating exercise on a regular basis.


I don’t know how, but I’ve forgotten about how much I love humor essays and stand up comedy. During my twenties, it was my dream to be a funny and witty writer. And not sure how and why I forgot about it — probably because I read and write less — anyhow, re-uniting with my passion for funny stories is making me feel invigorated. Alive. Energized. Hopeful.

I need to re-read my humorist heroes, such as David Sedaris, Mark Twain, Tina Fey, Trevor Noah, Bill Bryson, Samantha Irby, to name a few and really think about how I can emulate them in my writing.

Many of my heroes are geniuses who can look at the human condition with a fresh and hilarious perspective. Something that I’d like to master by the time I retire.


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