sharing is caring: #65


1. Sensible financial advice to keep mindful of, especially the one below.

Buy a collection of low-cost investments like index funds, which will track different certain segments of the stock and bond markets, that provide exposure to businesses around the world. The most important factor is coming up with the right mix of aggressive investments (stocks) and conservative ones (bonds) that you can stomach…

2. Self kindness and compassion is hard but worth embracing. Think about the following questions to overcome failure.

  • What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Then, can you deal with that outcome? What resources do you have to handle it?
  • What are some possible benefits of your failure, even if the situation doesn’t work out? 

3. An amazing history of photography documentary, that also helped to end child labor.

4. Q: How did counterfeiting books become a profitable business? A: Amazon.

5. Licensed therapists are now on IG marketing their services!

6. Niche email service at a premium for power email users – not a bad idea!

Nearly 300 billion emails are sent and received every day…

7. Mindset shift: focus on avoiding mistakes rather than try to make big wins.

Photo by Marina Mazur on Unsplash

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