sharing is caring: #63


1. Imposter syndrome is everywhere, including race!

But when your racial background is complicated, that inability to put a simple label on yourself can make searching for who you are even more confusing because, in a way, you’re discouraged from searching. I’ve been pushed out of groups, and my membership questioned. People feel free to choose labels for me. This makes it hard to form a true sense of self.

2. How to finally write that non-fiction book.

3. Awakening history of spam in Asian cuisine.

4. Refreshing view re: inheritance from Disney’s grand-daughter. Also, surprising study results.

They did a study at the Chronicle of Philanthropy years ago where they asked people who inherited money, “What amount of money would you need to feel totally secure?” And every single one of them, no matter what they had, named a number that was roughly twice what they inherited.

5. The ubiquity of bluetooth beacons to accurately track my location is astounding! Sometimes, people in my own industry shame me.

6. I feel old whenever I read about a new hip and trendy social networking app, such as Depop.

7. Surprised that mukbang took off in the states!

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash


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