sharing is caring: #62


1. Google’s shadow work force is real and problematic. However, future seems bleak for these contractors.

2. Kids and parents are both addicted to smart phones. Who are we kidding? Everyone is addicted!

3. Hilariously unnecessary minute by minute update from a friend that you don’t want to see at your party.

4. Would I become a Roger pattern type parent or a tiger mom?

Roger stories abound. And yet, we (and I include myself) have a collective complex about sampling, zigzagging and swerving from (or simply not having) ironclad long-term plans. We are obsessed with narrow focus, head starts and precocity.

5. Horrifying details of what happens to females in other countries.

6. Maybe spreadsheets can apply to everything in life after all!

7. An art installation that I can get behind!

Photo by Kristin Brown on Unsplash

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