thoughts: may ’19


I wasn’t able to accurately distinguish between pain and unpleasant feeling. As I was getting my teeth cleaned, I wondered if I often mis-attribute negative feelings as pain.


Proven multi-tasking combinations

  • Online shopping during conference calls, where I’m not an active participant
  • Scrolling IG feed during online training


The ubiquity of video conference and flexible working schedule is giving me a glimpse of my coworkers living situation. It’s interesting to see their beds, kitchens and messiness behind their faces.

It gives me a fuller view of them as people and allows me to judge as we carry on our calls.

Most try to find a wall that they can sit in front of. But a select few are open about their personal lives with others. I wish I was that indifferent about that but I’m self-conscious about my background and what I expose to my coworkers.


I learned that I can’t stand loud breathers, until I sat next to one during a Philharmonic concert. I couldn’t listen to the music, even though there were two pianos and a full orchestra on stage. I had to ask the person to switch the seat (lucky that the seat next to him was unoccupied), to enjoy the music.

I sat next to a new data science director in our management meeting and I had a hard time focusing.

When did this start to bother me? Was I never exposed to these types of people or do I prefer silence by default? Or am I just getting older and preferring silence over life?


Weekends should always be three days like Memorial day weekend. When will that unicorn tech start-up will test out four day work weeks so that it becomes a reality for the rest of us.


I need to slowly shift my mindset that doing minor things at a time adds up to something big later on. For instance, collecting thoughts by month, whenever I think of them is proving to be more interesting and valuable for myself, then for me to sit down with a laptop to write.

I’ve accepted that I’ll never be the type of person where I get up to write. I need to be inspired or irked to write something, so I should develop a habit of writing things down as they cross my mind.


I’m always amazed at how early the rest of the world gets up to go to work. Every time I go to fertility clinic, I’m surprised by all the people going to work. Just because I start my day late doesn’t mean everybody else does!

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash


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