sharing is caring: #58


1. Should I even hope for a world without biases? The more the more I think about it, the more I feel like we are fighting an uphill battle.

2. A good list of five lies that our culture likes to tell. Yet, I have a hard time stop believing in these statements.

  • Career success is fulfilling
  • I can make myself happy
  • Life is an individual journey
  • You have to find your own truth
  • Rich and successful people are worth more than poorer and less successful people

3. “Find Your Passion” is not good advice either.

In essence, people with a growth mind-set of interest tend to believe that interests and passions are capable of developing with enough time, effort and investment.

4. Never thought too much about Rise of Pregnant Stand-Up, until I saw this article. Interesting how I’ve been enjoyed all the shows, yet never thought of it as a trend.

5. Hobbyhorse Girls is a fascinating Finnish sub-culture!

6. Pretty Can Hurt Women’s Careers is one of so many dumb realities of living as a female in 2019.

7. Who knew that facial mimicry is so important? And hilariously sad outcome of getting Botox – low facial mimicry leading to depression. Everything in life is a trade off and we just have to decide what we can live with.

Photo by Immanuel Starshov on Unsplash

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