sharing is caring: #57


1. Netflix’s competitive set is sleep?

2. A powerful view about how we consume ideas today and why that needs to change.

This is flooding (a term I just coined, so I would know): the practice of unleashing a mass torrent of the same stories by the same storytellers at the same time, making it almost impossible for anyone but the same select few to rise to the surface.

But this infinite cycle of death and renewal is the perfect metaphor for what has actually happened to monoculture in a world that runs on social media, which is that each week it is resurrected around something new, for a brief period, with all the loudest voices in attendance, before expiring again, only to coalesce the next week around something else.

We choose virality instead — repackaged, reshaped, shareable versions of what has come before — and equate it to quality because of its resonance…This isn’t quality, or real diversity; it’s familiarity.

3. I tried really hard to read Atlantic’s feature article about Ivanka Trump. After three attempts, I realized that the read is boring because Ivanka lacks substance. She wants to be everything to everyone, ultimately becoming a hollow person and the best writers can’t keep my attention.

By saying nothing to anyone, Ivanka could be everything to everyone.

4. Visibility bias is changing our consumption habits.

 It’s kind of the domino effect triggering other people into doing something. It doesn’t have to be that you feel pressured, it’s just like they learn from your activity, your consumption,

5. Another example of cultural appropriation gone bad. Why play on incorrect stereotype that Chinese food is dirty when you are opening up a Chinese restaurant?

6. Any form of digital communication, either email, text and/or DM lacks the weight of hard copies, literally and figuratively.

7. Samantha Irby’s hilarious pontification of why phones are great despite the breach in security.

Photo by Ivan Jevtic on Unsplash

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