sharing is caring: #56


1. A realistic list of self-love worth trying!

2. Google Docs is the new note-passing method.

3. Hidden world of Amazon reviews that I didn’t quite register its existence, until a decade later. Why am I such a laggard when it comes to the internet?

4. Another Amazon rabbit-hole read – the cutthroat view of Amazon marketplace behind the scenes. It must be exhausting to be a seller on Amazon!

They are like lawyers, only their legal code is the Amazon Terms of Service, their court is a secretive and semiautomated corporate bureaucracy, and their jurisdiction is an algorithmically policed global bazaar rife with devious plots to hijack listings for novelty socks and plastic watches.

…calls the system’s mandatory guilty pleas, arbitrary verdicts, and obscure language “a Kafkaesque bureaucracy with bad writing.” Inscrutable rulings emerge as if from a black box.

5. This year I’ll be closer to 40 than 30, but I chose restaurants like I’m over 50.

6. Note to self: bursts over binging to get stuff done and manage my attention span too!

7. Manhole cover art is a thing!

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash


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