thoughts: feb, 2019


In my mind, rice cooker has one function: makes rice. While reading Amazon reviews, I found out that it can make all sorts of things that are not rice, such as pasta, mac & cheese, porridge, all sorts of chicken dishes, and even carnitas! Mind-blown. Maybe this is what it means when they say a fresh perspective!

Which photos are worth keeping? As I’m deleting photos from the past, I realized that I take too many photos of

  • food (oddly, without people around the table to enjoy them — therefore, as time passes, I have no idea where I ate the food and who I enjoyed it with)
  • books
  • screenshots (of IG posts, articles, and emails)
    • my intention is to use them as examples and/or look them up, but I’m 99% sure that it never happened
  • selfies – my husband and I take one too many selfies — not that we post them anywhere, but that’s how we have fun.
  • skylines – as if I’m a tourist, every time I see the beautiful ny skylines, I tend to snap a photo. These actually have no value — for I can just walk to the waterfronts and/or look outside my window to really appreciate NYC. Note to self, stop taking so many photos of the city that I live in and actually enjoy and experience it to the fullest. Don’t fall trap to the routine and try to make the best out of it.

As I deleted photos of friends that I no longer keep in touch, I wonder how they organize photos of me. Do they also delete it or remember that point in time?

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash