sharing is caring: #54


Still waiting for the spring while having a hard time believing that it’s March!  Time flies and below are interesting reads of past couple of weeks.

1.  “Snowplow” parents are “helicopter” parents on steroids. Whenever I become a parent, I hope to god that these terms do not apply to me. Note to self: teach growth mind & grit to my future kid.

2. What will happen if I decide to opt-out of all smart home gadgets? I guess I’ll find out in the near future.

3. Wonder how one practices lowering their voice? And how much do you have to practice to make it your own?

4. Wages vs. salary is no brainer. Financial stability is a pre-requisite for my happiness and inner peace, therefore, I’d go salary unless I have no choice.

People who attach dollar signs to their time — or “value time like money” — tend to be overwhelmingly less happy than those who don’t, because their nonworking hours suddenly seem less important.

5. Conversely, I’m torn about potentially banning classic books that portray people of color in a negative light.

6. Goals for my next gig — work for a place that really cares and inspires me like Patagonia.

7. The sad reality of dealing with crazies in our lives — politely ignore them and move on.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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