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What a long week it has been! Work has been crazy, as usual, but trying really hard to contain the craziness and give myself time to breathe and process everything that’s happening.

As I get older, the less I feel the need to be the last one at work or prove myself. Is it just me or is this just adulthood?

Interesting reads of the week below!

1. Reminder to not take books at the library for granted. There is an army of librarians and researchers dedicated to ensure that the appropriate books at selected at my local library.

2. With so many corporate positions expiring by the time one hits 40s, I feel the need to re-think the need to race to the top as quickly as I can.
3. I cannot un-see the similarities in movie posters after watching this clip.  Scary how I was conditioned to think or feel certain way after exposure to movie posters.


4. Best Buy’s brilliant pivot to take advantage of their weaknesses. Need to learn to apply this to my life.

5. Had no idea that wedding industry is one of the hardest playing ground for start-ups! And Zola was successful because it focused on wedding gifts, instead of the entire industry.

Note to self: always start small to solve a very specific and solvable problem and then scale as needed.

6. What exactly is a “real” women?

Even for the brands that market to “real” women with more sizes, the result is still pretty clear. These ads wrest the mantle of cultural approval from one subset of women and bestow it on another, a transfer of power that will hopefully be met with grateful sales dollars.

Instead of shifting or expanding the confines of beauty’s definition and the women to whom it applies, what might be more useful is a reconsideration of why we insist that physical beauty is a worthy goal for all women to pursue.

7. An unknown ecosystem of Chinese restaurant review sites made by Chinese for Chinese exposed!

Photo by Olia Gozha on Unsplash

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