sharing is caring: #51


1. What an inspiring yet scary story of what could happen to me unless I stay relevant within my space.

2. Witnessing forms of cultural appropriation is always uncomfortable yet it was interesting to see Japan’s Chicano Subculture.

3. Wonder if I’d enjoy being a rom-com set-designer or not. Probably not but sounds like such a fun job upon first glance!

4. Netflix’s grand mission was to bring the world together, something that didn’t register to me as I just use the platform to binge TV shows.

Despite a supposed surge in nationalism across the globe, many people like to watch movies and TV shows from other countries. “What we’re learning is that people have very diverse and eclectic tastes, and if you provide them with the world’s stories, they will be really adventurous, and they will find something unexpected,” Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice president for original content, told me.

But there is a crucial difference between Netflix and other tech giants: Netflix makes money from subscriptions, not advertising.

This simple difference flips all of its incentives. It means that Netflix has a reason to satisfy every new customer, not just the ones in the most prosperous markets.

5. Optimized reading. Notion that I need to embrace even more and remember that I’m building frameworks and lenses as I absorb new information.

..if I’m reading to get a competitive advantage over somebody else, well, then I want to think about, how do I optimize reading?”

Instead of getting lost in a sea of hot takes, Parrish advocates approaching reading material with the same uber-consciousness we approach our diet these days.

Where is this sourced from? Can I trust that it’s high quality? Will putting it in my body (or brain, really) be good for me?

Then, instead of getting lost in the timely churn of bad opinions, focus on consuming timeless materials that will give “you different databases that you can put in your head, different lenses that you can use on the world to make better decisions, have better relationships, live a more meaningful, conscious life.

6. Another ponzi schemer out to get your hard-earned money. Why are there so many scam artists and who can we really trust?

7. Influencer culture seeping into even infants; everything about this article made me nod in agreement yet very uncomfortable at the same time.

Photo by Simon Launay on Unsplash

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