sharing is caring: #54


Still waiting for the spring while having a hard time believing that it’s March!  Time flies and below are interesting reads of past couple of weeks.

1.  “Snowplow” parents are “helicopter” parents on steroids. Whenever I become a parent, I hope to god that these terms do not apply to me. Note to self: teach growth mind & grit to my future kid.

2. What will happen if I decide to opt-out of all smart home gadgets? I guess I’ll find out in the near future.Read More »

sharing is caring: #52


What a long week it has been! Work has been crazy, as usual, but trying really hard to contain the craziness and give myself time to breathe and process everything that’s happening.

As I get older, the less I feel the need to be the last one at work or prove myself. Is it just me or is this just adulthood?

Interesting reads of the week below!

1. Reminder to not take books at the library for granted. There is an army of librarians and researchers dedicated to ensure that the appropriate books at selected at my local library.

2. With so many corporate positions expiring by the time one hits 40s, I feel the need to re-think the need to race to the top as quickly as I can.
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