sharing is caring: #50


February travels faster than any other month and that two-day difference is monumental when I look back to what I did this month.

I’m trying to re-establish boundary with work while I focus on my health and on myself this month. It’s always a struggle for high-achiever like myself, but taking baby steps daily.

1. Reading yet another article that outlines the shrinkage of the middle class makes me fear for the uncertain future. How hard would I have to work to maintain my current lifestyle and how much would I have to save to provide a financial buffer for my kids down the road?

2. Reminder that incremental effort compounds. I should invest 20 minutes a day in writing children’s book.

Spending 20 minutes a day working on important-but-not-urgent tasks will help resolve this tendency to procrastinate..

3. Agree with Ashley C. Ford’s sentiment that we are all humans who feel the same things. Note to self to read her essays and books to distill common themes to explore in my writing.

4. Who would’ve guessed that crazy yet logical progression of facial recognition technology application is pigs! Maybe this would only work in China.

5. Hilarious daily routine of a baby. Another example of inspirational piece that I should replicate. Maybe I can write about the daily routine of a corporate slave.

6. Canned responses or “short-cuts” to common situations may be a huge time saver.

7. New goal in life: to be accepted and be part of the women’s club and network, Chief.

Photo by Ugur Akdemir on Unsplash


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