sharing is caring: #48


Traveling for work drains my energy and time. It took me an entire week to get back to NY time zone and for me to catch up on interesting reads.

1. Why Aesop soaps are in fancy restaurants and what it means to users.

2. Lorena Bobbitt’s story depicts how how women are portrayed in the media — all stories are simplified and dramatized for clicks.

3. Hilarious one liners about common sports — another inspiration for me to write!

4. Updating tax codes sounds very complicated and I worry that many are simplifying what it is for the sake of appearing to do something — or to address the massive income inequality that’s plaguing the world.

5. Trust and reputation cannot be overlooked when reading publications, even more so than ever.

6. I love watching videos about tiny house to live vicariously through others because I cannot abandon my things, particularly books. Who would’ve imagined that that there is a dark side of the entire tiny house movement?

7. Obituary for My 20s – another inspirational piece for me to incorporate!

Photo by Mario Garcia on Unsplash

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