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Below are some articles that’s been collecting dust in my inbox as I recovered from my travels.

This year, I’m trying to make less resolutions and live with more clarity. Have only a couple of objectives and make each day count.

1. Can’t believe that “sponcon” is a real concept among wanna-be influencers. An extreme version of fake it ’til you make it

2. Because I strived to de-clutter my email situation all of last year, I’m not a fan of “inbox infinity” but maybe that’s the realistic future for me as well.

Adopting inbox infinity means accepting the fact that there will be an endless, growing amount of email in your inbox every day, most of which you will never address or even see.

3. NYTimes opinion essay about being a maid to promote an upcoming memoir. Is this is a promotional tactic widely used among newbie authors? Something to keep in mind as I pay attention to these things.

4. A laundry list of tasks to become an artist — which can also be applied to writing.

5. What a great idea to distribute chords on a weekly basis — maybe this is what I can do with my husband this year.

6. Another article that supports my book shopping habits.  2019 will be a good year for me.

7. A smart pivot for self driving cars to focus on delivery instead of becoming the next Uber.

Photo by OC Gonzalez on Unsplash

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