thoughts: december, 2018


Most people can be categorized into one of the four buckets.

1. Smart & Nice
2. Smart & Mean
3. Dumb & Nice
4. Dumb & Mean

Below are my observations from a professional setting.

Smart and nice individuals are very easy to work with and reasonable. They are very clear in their communications, realistic with expectations, and just a nice human being to work with. They inspire me enough to sign up for extra work, just to make them smile.

Smart and mean individuals can be challenging and dismissive at times. They are usually right and their lack of empathy can be soul crushing when wrong. They remind me of my college professor who told me that my question about cost accounting was stupid.

Dumb and nice individuals are the most common type of people that I work with. To be clear, they are categorized as dumb because they lack domain knowledge. This is problematic given that they have to make decisions about something that they are not an expert in. However, they are nice and easily persuaded, so it’s manageable.

Explaining the same thing repeatedly is exhausting, but at least they are predictable and appreciative.

Dumb and mean individuals are surprisingly over-represented in professional workplace. I attribute this to their extrovertness and pain in the ass factor.

Managing these type of personalities is a whole different ball-game and at the end of the day, they are just unpleasant human beings who over-estimate their own self-worth and has no problem bringing other people down.

I wish that these people do not exist but the longer I work, the more of them I see in high positions.

People who classify people in finite dimensions sound intelligent, even though it’s a load of crap if you spend more than ten seconds thinking about it. Nonetheless, I’m going to compile a list of classification.
I’m looking for mutually exclusive comprehensive list but let’s see how far they go.

Wake-up Time: Early risers vs. Night Owls

Martial Status: Single vs. Married vs. Divorced vs. Widowed

Dietary Preference: Vegan vs. Gluten Free vs. Vegetarian vs. Pescatarian vs. Asian

Hobbies: Reader vs. Degenerates

TV Junkies vs. Outdoorsy people

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

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