2018 visits: nyc bookstores


Strand and McNally Jackson are my go-to bookstores. Starting this summer, I wanted to venture out to visit speciality bookstores focused on one genre. There’s something magical about these types of stores, even if I’m not totally interested in them.

I visited six new bookstores and look forward to adding more bookstore experiences next year.

1. Argosy Book Store
I stumbled upon this store during my walk back from the Korean Embassy and what a delight it was! Just surrounded by rare and old books

2. Books Are Magic
I walked in here with a friend after brunch nearby in July and what a lovely and sweet bookstore. I particularly loved that they posted about events on the shelves and that their staff were really knowledgeable about books. I chatted with the girl who checked me out about the Last Interview Series book and how I should read James Baldwin. Totally going to add to my running book list one of these days!Read More »

sharing is caring: #41


Organizing and compiling interesting reads after a while is challenging. Glad that I emailed myself initial thoughts to make this exercise at least a bit easier.

With that said, interesting reads since my last post.

1. An interesting history of Bruegel’s paintings — who covered up the  gruesome images of the dead and why? Would I have enjoyed Bruegel as much as I did if I saw the original painting?

2. Finally, some influencers are challenging unrealistic beauty standards of Korea. However, I fear that the impact will be temporary.Read More »

sharing is caring #40


Can’t believe that there’s only a month left in 2018! Time moves exponentially with age but I’m happy to report that I’m pretty content with my day to day that I don’t feel as lost or out of control.

Reads to remember below!

1. Interesting take on friction and why we need more of them, contrary to what Silicon Valley wants from us.

…the ease and availability of distractions has skyrocketed with smartphones and broadband connections, while doing hard, productive work remains as maddening as ever

2. Intrigued to read that Shane Parrish is a big deal among Wall Street investors because I have mixed feelings about his newsletters. Some articles are worth the read, however, some fall flat, but it can be because I’m not his target audience.Read More »