corporate pet peeves: random phrases


Often times, I’m awed by some of the phrases that I hear at work and automatically think that the person speaking is smarter, but upon reflection, it’s just a fancy way of saying basic concepts.

In my hopes of sounding smarter, below are my collections.

“Meta Data Framework”
What does this even mean?

“Directional Thinking”
Since when did “thinking” needed a qualifier? And something grand as “directional.” Then again, I feel the same about “thought leadership.”

“Tall Order”
These things are usually out of scope and too grand, so I prefer just saying that.

“Variation in Performance”
This one isn’t so bad — maybe I should use in meetings more.

Ironic because we, at most build power point decks in business, yet we are using a lot of architectural and military terms. Wonder if this is the only way to make ourselves feel good about non-work that we are collectively involved in.

“Double Click”
In other words, let’s explore this issue further or deeper. Both are corporate speak, but hearing “can you please double click into this?” makes my skin crawl.

Do you have any corporate speak that makes your skin crawl, yet you find yourself using it?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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