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Trying to catch up on all the reads that are bookmarked before I go on vacation this year. There’s something about the year ending and starting the new year that makes these posts a bit more urgent and time-sensitive.

1. Appalled to see how much digital strategist / influencer makes on a weekly basis.

2. Long story about hidden e-commerce network with an unsatisfying ending. Maybe this is why white collar criminals are rampant with their schemes – the consequences of their actions is nothing compared to the potential gains.

3. Having too many existential thoughts as I’m reading about cookiers.
What am I currently excited about? What is my current obsession? Will I ever be part of a community of people who share the same values? Or am I just too much of a dabbler?

4. I cannot fathom life without internet access 24/7, yet this is the reality for many.

5. What technology do I use in my daily job? Gmail, GDrive and GCP.

6. Machine learning is influencing every aspect of corporate life, even human resourcing. A reality that’s hard to accept, even for someone who leverages this at work.

7. Looks like the permanent nature of social media will haunt us forever, in areas that are unexpected.

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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