corporate pet peeve : scheduling


It’s been a year since I went back to the corporate grind and these little things are starting to bother me again. Below are a short list of pet-peeves around meeting scheduling.

I get especially annoyed when:

1. Someone schedules an important meeting on your calendar when you are clearly booked.

2. The organizer schedules an obnoxiously long meeting without an agenda or a descriptive meeting invite name, leaving you to wonder whether or not you need to accept the meeting, and/or if you need to prepare for a meeting.

3. Someone schedules a meeting without all the relevant parties, which inevitably ends up being a waste of everyone’s time.

4.Someone books a room that fits two people for a ten person meeting.

5. Someone books a rooms that fits twenty people for a five person meeting.

6. Someone books a brainstorming meeting without a meeting room.

These are such minor things, yet when you have back to back meetings with one or two offense of the above, you cannot wonder whether or not the scheduler is competent enough to do his / her job.

Just in case you are a meeting organizer and need a checklist, check below.

  • Can all key stakeholders attend the meeting time proposed?
  • Are all key stakeholders and decision makers included in the invite? Consider making others optional, to indicate whether or not they are needed
  • Did you include agenda items and/or make the meeting invite descriptive enough so that everyone understands the objective of the meeting?
  • Did you book a meeting room appropriate for all relevant people invited?

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


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