2018 visits: nyc bookstores


Strand and McNally Jackson are my go-to bookstores. Starting this summer, I wanted to venture out to visit speciality bookstores focused on one genre. There’s something magical about these types of stores, even if I’m not totally interested in them.

I visited six new bookstores and look forward to adding more bookstore experiences next year.

1. Argosy Book Store
I stumbled upon this store during my walk back from the Korean Embassy and what a delight it was! Just surrounded by rare and old books

2. Books Are Magic
I walked in here with a friend after brunch nearby in July and what a lovely and sweet bookstore. I particularly loved that they posted about events on the shelves and that their staff were really knowledgeable about books. I chatted with the girl who checked me out about the Last Interview Series book and how I should read James Baldwin. Totally going to add to my running book list one of these days!

3. The Mysterious Bookshop
I’ve been meaning to drop in, but never got around it, although I go to Target and Wholefoods nearby at least twice a week. But during a nice leisurely weekend stroll, I stepped into this store and what a blast it was! Just seeing the wall dedicated to Sherlock Holmes novel was worth the trip. Note to self: visit bookstores sans husband.

4. Kinokuniya
After brunching with my very pregnant childhood friend end of August, I walked into this bookstore and had a lot of fun. As with any Japanese bookstore, the stationery section was my favorite. I walked out with two pens and made a mental note to visit when I have kids.

5. Rizzoli Bookstore
After brunching at Blackbarn, my husband and I walked over to Rizzoli store in NoMad. The overall vibe and selection was nice and a place that I’d love to visit again. Coincidentally, as I was searching for vintage LVMH bags, I stumbled upon their website, which I think implanted that idea in my head. Or perhaps the place appeared on Google Maps because of recent searches. Regardless, worth the trip.

6. Alabaster Bookshop
I was super excited to go back to this bookstore. This is where I gave Truman Capote a chance and I still remember walking out of the store with Summer Crossing in my hand. I returned and was disappointed at the selection at first, but pleasantly surprised at the philosophy section. I saw Dewey & Mead’s work, along with other sociologists and philosophers and walked out the store with Chomsky’s What kind of creatures are we.

Looking ahead

Visit these stores and make additional note of specialty books.
Books of Wonder

Stores to Frequent
Alabaster Bookshop @ 122 4th Ave
Housing Works Bookstore Cafe @ 126 Crosby St
Bookbook @ 266 Bleecker St

Photo by César Viteri on Unsplash

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