sharing is caring: #41


Organizing and compiling interesting reads after a while is challenging. Glad that I emailed myself initial thoughts to make this exercise at least a bit easier.

With that said, interesting reads since my last post.

1. An interesting history of Bruegel’s paintings — who covered up the  gruesome images of the dead and why? Would I have enjoyed Bruegel as much as I did if I saw the original painting?

2. Finally, some influencers are challenging unrealistic beauty standards of Korea. However, I fear that the impact will be temporary.

3. Who would’ve thought that you can have a pop-up store dedicated to Bach? Inspired and perturbed about the merchandising selection.

4. Everything is correlated with latest addition of political views and fashion choices.

5. Will AI really win after humans feed it accurate information? And if so, what will we be doing after AI takes over?

6. Soft skills are much more critical than people realize.

7. What a shocking and twisted story of a couple who took advantage of other people’s fears and hopes.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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