sharing is caring #40


Can’t believe that there’s only a month left in 2018! Time moves exponentially with age but I’m happy to report that I’m pretty content with my day to day that I don’t feel as lost or out of control.

Reads to remember below!

1. Interesting take on friction and why we need more of them, contrary to what Silicon Valley wants from us.

…the ease and availability of distractions has skyrocketed with smartphones and broadband connections, while doing hard, productive work remains as maddening as ever

2. Intrigued to read that Shane Parrish is a big deal among Wall Street investors because I have mixed feelings about his newsletters. Some articles are worth the read, however, some fall flat, but it can be because I’m not his target audience.

3. An interesting read about Property Brothers, a show that I only watched in hotel rooms during my travels. And just like me, it appears that selling American dream is still a profitable endeavor.

Scotts sell: not just ottomans, but dreams….Instead, what Casaza offers is a feeling of control.

4. Inspirational story about Instagram quote copywriter, Laura Belgray and absolutely loved her examples. And her inspiriting interview made me a fan.

ORIGINAL: Guess where you are NOT going to find your passion…endless introspection.
NEW: Trying to find your passion by thinking is like trying to bake cookies in your freezer.

ORIGINAL: This year, how many of your wishes did you turn into real goals?
NEW: Wishes are for birthday candles. Grownups set goals.

5. A gentle look at teenage obesity and how adults need to handle the narrative.

…kindly mishandling my emotions by offering money or rewards for weight loss. As a parent, saying anything about your child’s weight can come across as disapproving, but I know now that it comes from a place of love. When you’re a teenager, it’s hard to understand that.

6. Will I also be a part of the gig economy where I have to nudge / beg my contacts to click, share and like? I personally admire those who can solicit and continuously hustle, however that’s not my strength.

7. Torn by this disappointing review — should I read to form my own opinion or wait for another book that depicts Asian American dilemma?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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