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Weekdays were a blur with lot of events on weekends due to lots of November birthday friends, including myself. Coincidentally, I also found out that most of my closest coworkers are also November babies, a pattern that I’ve noticed mostly throughout my career.

While I don’t live my life according to horoscopes and/or Chinese zodiac, there is something about November birthdays and the year of my birth that tends to be a reoccurring theme in my life.

Before I go down a rabbit-hole theorizing how this could’ve happened, here are my interesting reads!

1. If I were a foodie, I would check out all the pizza places in this list.

2. Excited about dwarsliggers, or tiny books that read horizontally, infusing innovation within the publishing industry. Hope that they expand titles of tiny books.

3.Should I be scared about the future or thankful of the present after reading about Puberty for the Middle-Aged?

4. Jane Maas, a hero in advertising that I didn’t even know about! Encouraged and sad to read about her legacy.

5. Interesting history of window displays, which made me wonder how to calculate the ROI of such extravagant work.

6. The impact of loneliness is a lot deeper and wider than I ever anticipated.

7. What living in isolation could mean to a community of people. At times, I wonder how my own sister will survive or not survive in her own island.

Photo by Michael Walter on Unsplash

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