sharing is caring: #33


Weekend up in Storm King Art Center with close friends was lovely. Sending my husband off so that he can attend his grandmother’s funeral was frantic.

I’ve never met his grandmother. While I understood the sadness of her death, it was hard to relate. I felt helpless and thought about my own grandparents. I played the memories in my mind and felt a pang of sadness because I only had a few to re-play in my mind.

If I can go back in time, I would prioritize getting to know my grandparents. But I can’t. When I have kids, I’ll make sure that they develop a relationship with my parents to prevent this feeling of empty loneliness and lost.

Although the week ended on a sad note, below are interesting reads of the week.

1. NYC was so successful that it became a ghost town. Wonder how long it’ll take for NYC to be lively with passion and artists again.

2. Collecting data and analyzing, whether you call it fraud detection, or predictive analytics, is becoming the norm.Read More »

sharing is caring: #32


Feeling groggy, dizzy and pissed off at my co-worker who came to work sick. Common decency to stay at home when one is sick is no longer the norm. Perhaps the need to prove our dedication to work made my co-worker to come into work.

Whatever the reason is, I’m not a happy camper. I’m quarantined in my room with a cup of red ginseng tea in hopes of fighting whatever virus I contracted.

The upside was that I left work at a normal hour and finished up interesting reads of the week!

1. America’s dream home is no-longer a McMansion, it’s a multi-functional house that can change with changing home-owners needs.

2. Life-changing advice to be productive and happy.

I never force myself to do anything I don’t like. Whenever I am stuck, I do something else.

Read More »

sharing is caring: #31


I’m excited to take my newly purchased sweaters and knit cardigans out of the closet. Finally.

All the romantic things about the fall — the foliage, the pumpkin everything, warm dishes, and layering — make me even more excited about season.

The irony is that other than wearing sweaters to keep myself warm, I don’t engage in any of the activities listed above. I can’t even remember the last time I went to go see foliage, had pumpkin laced latte, and warm dishes that represents the fall.

Marketing has made me more sentimental about this season, and the holidays as well. Does this discount my feelings about the autumn, especially if a lot of my associations are made by crafty marketers who are taking advantage of my longing for traditions? Or should I ignore marketer’s intensions because it’s my feelings that matter more?

A conundrum.

Below are interesting reads of the week!

1. CVS’ use of receipts as a promotional medium and its ridiculous result.

2. It’s unsettling to read that buying for prayers is as easy as ordering food in India.Read More »

sharing is caring: #30


Happiest moment: booking my travels for December
Most stressed: last minute deliverables and fire-drills that appear out of no-where

There were ups and downs, but the weekend is near and below are some interesting reads!

1. Posting same picture every day with different captions on Instagram is popular among today’s teens.

2. Loving this new word, tsundoku, a Japanese word for a stack of books that you have purchased but not yet read, and the argument for anti-library.Read More »

sharing is caring: #29


This past week was clam and content. A lot of work has become the norm, and I felt good about negotiating to reduce the work for the team. My boss really came through and he laid down the law, enabling me to focus on quality work.

Working with him made me realize the importance of saying no, to focus on important and high impact activities. While it’s easy for someone like me to sign up for every opportunity there is, I’m learning that it’s respectful and rewarding to be selfish about time and the type of work that I’m going to engage in.

Interesting reads of this week below!

1. Automation is here to stay and as much as 30% of service industry workers will be impacted.

2. Made me think twice about getting that millennial pink planner on sale.Read More »