sharing is caring: #37


Two unrelated observations.

1. Diary type articles, such as money diaries, beauty routines, fashion routines, experiences, etc are on the rise. Bloggers share their deepest secrets or experiences with their readers in return for their attention.

Is an extension of social media in written form? Or are we just trying to connect with each other more intimately? Or did Internet run out of things to write about?

2. Articles published on Medium are hard to finish. Headlines are attention grabbing yet the articles are long, windy and flat.

Is it the result of self-publishing form? Or am I just not the appropriate target?

Noteworthy reads below.

1. Disheartened to hear that one of my favorite streaming service, Netflix, encourages toxic corporate culture.

2. The origin of Data Scientist and its short history.

3. Interesting taboo of bidet in USA that turned out to be an advertisement for Tushy.

“The presence of a bidet is regarded as almost a symbol of sin.” The present-day American sociologist Harvey Molotch agrees, concluding that the devices were tainted with France’s hedonism and sexuality. “Bidets have had such difficulty … Even all the power of capitalism can’t break the taboo.”

The washlet, a love child of cleanliness and technology, brought bidet bathing into the future.

4. Didn’t know that remote workers had HR managers to help them combat loneliness of working remotely.

5. No phone nanny contracts. Silicone Valley parents banning screen-time  to go back to woodblocks and board game. Perhaps analog is the future.

6. Disappointed at Google for covering up top executives; will powerful men ever pay for their inappropriate actions?

7. Wonder what’s going to happen to secret Facebook groups? Will it remain anonymous forever?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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