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When my husband is not around, I get a glimpse of how my life would’ve been if we didn’t get married.

For the most part, I like to hold on to the belief that I would’ve been just fine. But it’s hard to fool myself when I’ve resorted to eating dinner out of a cardboard box and sleeping late because of Netflix.

I’m restless and bored. I can’t get myself to relax, because I’m anxious that he’s not around. Maybe getting married was good for me, on multiple fronts.

Interesting reads of the week, so far.

1. All the studies that demonstrate the importance of friendships.

2.  Why wasn’t this book about hard to pronounce names around when I was growing up?

3. My professional goal summed up by an economist at Uber.

Get in early at a fast-growing, audacious company and build a high-quality research organization from the ground up.

4. Even Steve Hawking is worried about AI. My top priority is savor my living in such “simple” times before AI comes to get us all.

5. What it means to be a sharp women.

6. Relieved to know that my husband and I are not the only weirdos with our own invented language.

7. Kudos to SK-II for creating a video about “leftover women.” It resonated, but not sure how it’ll help their overall sales.

Photo by Gades Photography on Unsplash


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