sharing is caring: #33


Weekend up in Storm King Art Center with close friends was lovely. Sending my husband off so that he can attend his grandmother’s funeral was frantic.

I’ve never met his grandmother. While I understood the sadness of her death, it was hard to relate. I felt helpless and thought about my own grandparents. I played the memories in my mind and felt a pang of sadness because I only had a few to re-play in my mind.

If I can go back in time, I would prioritize getting to know my grandparents. But I can’t. When I have kids, I’ll make sure that they develop a relationship with my parents to prevent this feeling of empty loneliness and lost.

Although the week ended on a sad note, below are interesting reads of the week.

1. NYC was so successful that it became a ghost town. Wonder how long it’ll take for NYC to be lively with passion and artists again.

2. Collecting data and analyzing, whether you call it fraud detection, or predictive analytics, is becoming the norm.

3. Simple key to happiness: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

4. Being lazy can actually be productive.

5. Book publishing timeline.

6. Intriguing yet predictable study about immigrant characters on TV.

7. How engagement photos, diamond rings, and picture-perfect weddings became the norm.

Photo by Dominik Dancs on Unsplash

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