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I’m excited to take my newly purchased sweaters and knit cardigans out of the closet. Finally.

All the romantic things about the fall — the foliage, the pumpkin everything, warm dishes, and layering — make me even more excited about season.

The irony is that other than wearing sweaters to keep myself warm, I don’t engage in any of the activities listed above. I can’t even remember the last time I went to go see foliage, had pumpkin laced latte, and warm dishes that represents the fall.

Marketing has made me more sentimental about this season, and the holidays as well. Does this discount my feelings about the autumn, especially if a lot of my associations are made by crafty marketers who are taking advantage of my longing for traditions? Or should I ignore marketer’s intensions because it’s my feelings that matter more?

A conundrum.

Below are interesting reads of the week!

1. CVS’ use of receipts as a promotional medium and its ridiculous result.

2. It’s unsettling to read that buying for prayers is as easy as ordering food in India.

3. Note to self: book travels no later than first week of October next year.

4. Homesickness is normal among adults too, but going back home doesn’t necessarily solve it either.

Now that I’m here, I’m homesick for a city that almost doesn’t exist in a way, because most of my friends that made it what it was for me are gone.

5. Disturbed at insecure Asian men who hide behind computer screens to criticize Asian women who “marry out.”

6. “Before” is another Youtube Genre that is slowly gaining traction.

Go on YouTube; type a place name and a year. Beijing 1970. Karachi 1990. Tashkent 1992. San Francisco 1995. Mumbai 1985. The algorithm will help guide your trip, the row of thumbnails on the right-hand side of the screen taking you back and back into the past.

Nostalgia is not about the extraordinary moments in your life, or any life, but about the ones that pass unnoticed — the collective poignancy of a crowd going about its business.

7. Writing snail mails has always been on my list. Maybe I just need to start by having all of my card writing supplies in one shoe box.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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