sharing is caring: #37


Two unrelated observations.

1. Diary type articles, such as money diaries, beauty routines, fashion routines, experiences, etc are on the rise. Bloggers share their deepest secrets or experiences with their readers in return for their attention.

Is an extension of social media in written form? Or are we just trying to connect with each other more intimately? Or did Internet run out of things to write about?

2. Articles published on Medium are hard to finish. Headlines are attention grabbing yet the articles are long, windy and flat.

Is it the result of self-publishing form? Or am I just not the appropriate target?

Noteworthy reads below.

1. Disheartened to hear that one of my favorite streaming service, Netflix, encourages toxic corporate culture.

2. The origin of Data Scientist and its short history.Read More »

sharing is caring: #36


At work, the week flew by.  At home, the week crawled.

Can’t wait for my husband to come back. Six days felt like it was forever. I have no idea how we survived as long distance couple.

The loneliness was magnified this time around. With that said, below are interesting reads of the last couple of days.

1. Emotionally detaching from work is a good thing. And remembering that I’m more than my job.

2. Greeting cards’ expensive price tag explained.Read More »

sharing is caring: #35


Majority of the links are about reading. Maybe my subconscious is telling me to abandon the internet and to read books that were delivered from Book Depository today.

Although shipping from Book Depository takes longer than Amazon, I love shopping from there. The cover designs are nicer, the prices are cheaper and they even include a bookmark in the shipment!

Interesting reads about books, reading and authors below!

1. Am I losing deep reading ability?

2. There’s nothing wrong with dedicating weekends to TVs. No justification needed.Read More »

sharing is caring: #34


When my husband is not around, I get a glimpse of how my life would’ve been if we didn’t get married.

For the most part, I like to hold on to the belief that I would’ve been just fine. But it’s hard to fool myself when I’ve resorted to eating dinner out of a cardboard box and sleeping late because of Netflix.

I’m restless and bored. I can’t get myself to relax, because I’m anxious that he’s not around. Maybe getting married was good for me, on multiple fronts.

Interesting reads of the week, so far.

1. All the studies that demonstrate the importance of friendships.

2.  Why wasn’t this book about hard to pronounce names around when I was growing up?Read More »

sharing is caring: friday links


Below are a collection of sites to help me unwind and catch up on the week, with their well-curated Friday Links. Each site has a different mix of links, making it a great way to unearth something else that’s blowing up in another corner of the internet that I wasn’t aware.

As I monitor my internet habits, which are routine and predictable, I sometimes worry that I, live in my own bubble, reading and engaging with the type of content that I already like. What a scary thought! The implications are too grand and serious, hence, the importance of leaving my internet comfort zone.

The argument can be made the even these links are curated to my preference, but it’s better than nothing.

1. Cup of Jo
2. Swiss Miss
3. Hither and Thither
4. Say Yes
5. Cupcakes and Cashmere

Photo by Niilo Isotalo on Unsplash