sharing is caring #28

nellia-kurme-668469-unsplashIf I were to describe my week with one word, it’s skittish. Due to immense workload, everyone in my team started making mistakes, making me feel like everything was crumbling down. I immediately raised the concern to my manager and everyone involved, but can’t shake off the dreadful feeling that we missed something else as well.

While digital marketing is fun, despite all the bad press that we’ve been getting lately, the fact that we are “live” and need to “launch” sometimes makes our jobs a bit difficult.

I’ve been falling behind with my Sharing is Caring series, however, I’m happy to report that I’ve been reading more this past couple of weeks. Below are interesting reads of the week!

1. The sad and ugly side of online advertising in job listings. I’m quite torn about this issue. Are we shifting too much blame on the tool or should we be looking to penalize the person behind the ad?

2. Reminder myself to interject, not interrupt during conversations to become a better listener!

3. Everybody has an opinion — whether or not they are good and/or valid is another question. A funny categorization of Refinery29’s money diaries commenters.

4. Now I feel like a jerk for judging “useless” products that makes seemingly easy tasks even easier.

5. An unexpected side-effect of globalization happening in fashion mecca, Italy.

6. Hippocratic Oath for data scientists and corporations should be mandatory.

We have a total disconnect between the people building the algorithms and the people who are actually affected by them. That’s true on a scientific level, between those who understand big data techniques versus those who see it as voodoo or magic. But it’s also true in a socioeconomic sense.

7. “…Many of us choose tact over truth when talking to friends, acquaintances, and even colleagues” because that’s the only way to keep any sort of relationship intact in many situation.

Photo by Nellia Kurme on Unsplash

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