sharing is caring #27


What another busy week! This constant cycle of overwork never seems to end and I’m feeling very burnt out. Really looking forward to the new hires to help me with the work load so that I have a semi resemblance of a life.

Also, I had a real wake-up call about my diet and exercise this week. If I want to start a family down the road, I should really get fit and make sure that I’m not putting the infant in danger.

1. Depressing outlook of the systematic education system issue that results in families scrambling for child-care after school.

2. What a real wake-up call for future moms of the world. I should really start exercising.

3. Is another housing bust in our cards as well?

4. Is “hands-free moments” a real thing? Will Amazon or Google take over the world?

5. When did staying in become the it thing? Am I that out of touch with pop culture?

6. Sometimes, I need to remember that Google provides “relevant,” not “accurate” results.

7. Sad to see Racked shut down, but good weekend reads list!

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

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