sharing is caring #26


Time surely flies! I can’t believe that summer is officially over and the year is two thirds over.

I used to prefer spring over fall, but I’m leaning more towards fall these days. Precise reason for the change of heart is unclear, but welcome fall!

Below are some interesting reads of the week.

1. In addition to teenagers, teachers are also becoming Insta-famous to make ends meet. But out-door influencers can over flood hidden places with visitors.

2. Newlyweds want cash over wedding gifts, for good reason.

3. The impact of skimming when reading online.

4. Is college tour by private jet the next logical progression of helicopter parenting or status symbol or both?

5. Interesting take on household chords for married couples and I wonder if I’m also engaged in marketing campaign at home.

6. Can’t believe buying blockchain cats is a real thing.

7. Will my 40th year birthday be similar to this author? I hope not, but it may not be out of the question completely.

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash


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