underlined: eleanor opliphant is completely fine


Reading a book without a pen in hand feels naked, wrong, and unbearable. To feel whole, I have pens lying around all over my apartment so that I can underline sentences that grab my attention.

These underlines are the reason why I cannot part with my books. They are too precious. They are artifacts of my thoughts and feelings.

However, one needs to be rational and calculate the tradeoff between book occupying space in my apartment vs. its value after read. While I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, it’s time for me to part with it.

To preserve the underlines, I’ve copied them below. The list is short but I can now donate this book without feeling compromised. Read More »

sharing is caring #28

nellia-kurme-668469-unsplashIf I were to describe my week with one word, it’s skittish. Due to immense workload, everyone in my team started making mistakes, making me feel like everything was crumbling down. I immediately raised the concern to my manager and everyone involved, but can’t shake off the dreadful feeling that we missed something else as well.

While digital marketing is fun, despite all the bad press that we’ve been getting lately, the fact that we are “live” and need to “launch” sometimes makes our jobs a bit difficult.

I’ve been falling behind with my Sharing is Caring series, however, I’m happy to report that I’ve been reading more this past couple of weeks. Below are interesting reads of the week!

1. The sad and ugly side of online advertising in job listings. I’m quite torn about this issue. Are we shifting too much blame on the tool or should we be looking to penalize the person behind the ad?

2. Reminder myself to interject, not interrupt during conversations to become a better listener!Read More »

sharing is caring #27


What another busy week! This constant cycle of overwork never seems to end and I’m feeling very burnt out. Really looking forward to the new hires to help me with the work load so that I have a semi resemblance of a life.

Also, I had a real wake-up call about my diet and exercise this week. If I want to start a family down the road, I should really get fit and make sure that I’m not putting the infant in danger.

1. Depressing outlook of the systematic education system issue that results in families scrambling for child-care after school.

2. What a real wake-up call for future moms of the world. I should really start exercising.Read More »

note to self: nytimes sections to read

Reading any daily newspaper can be overwhelming and instead of throwing my arms up in the air because I feel helpless, I’ve learned that it helps to go back to certain sections of the Times to continue to be an informed citizen.

1. Smarter Living
2. Letter of Recommendation
3. Well
4. Trending
5. Modern Love

And The Atlantic, which I end up reading a lot more than NYTimes lately.

What are your favorite sections to read? Or other periodicals?

Photo by Reynier Carl on Unsplash