sharing is caring #25


Another long week, and taking a half day off on Friday made a huge difference! It’s so nice to decompress, read and surf the net.

Super excited for the long weekend, but I have this lingering feeling that I have to log back in to work at some point. But it is nice to work at home, with the TV on at full blast and fridge stocked with some of my favorite treats.

Below are interesting readings of the week.

1. The ease of online shopping is making us hoarders.

2. The catch 22 of being an early adopter of a new social app in hopes of becoming the next big influencer. 

3. Yet another variable that impacts women’s pay gap. When will there be equal pay for all, regardless of gender?

4. Great list of 100 non-fiction writing that I should read when I’m bored.

5. The gig economy sounds like race to the bottom for many, especially those in developing countries.

6. What a distasteful marketing stunt by KFC. Also, wonder if parents will really name their newborn child after fast food chain.

7. Glad to read that Lego plans to make its products with sustainable material by 2030.


Photo by Ingrid Hofstra on Unsplash

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